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Title: Monitoring the mineral status and health of sheep grazing on a rehabilitated bauxite residue stockpile and on alkaloam amended pasture / Gerard M. Smith.
Author: Western Australia. Agriculture Western Australia. ; Alcoa of Australia. ; Smith, G. M. (Agriculture Western Australia, Perth)
Year: 1998.
Description: 54 leaves : col. ill., map ; 30 cm.
Subject: Western Australia. ; Animal health. ; Grazing. ; Pastures. ; Mineral metabolism. ; Mineral nutrition. ; Soil amendments. ; Sheep feeding. ; Sheep. ; Toxicology. ; Bauxite residues. ; Mud.
Notes: "Alcoa Contract 1311456" 3 tables, 14 figs.
55 refs.
Type: Book
Abstract: (En)
Sheep were grazed for up to nearly a year on a rehabilitated bauxite stockpile. There were three sites grazed; a dryland (medic and ryegrass) and an irrigated site (clover and kikuyu), both on the Rehabilitation Area, and a site on adjacent farmland. Sub-groups of sheep were removed from the Rehabiliation Area for tissue sampling at various times during the trial. At the end of the trial all remaining sheep on the Rehabiliation Area, as well as a sub-group of sheep from the farm area, were removed for tis e sampling. Mineral concentrations were measured in blood and tissue sample collected over the trial as well as in samples of pasture. Results of the Rehabilitation Area trial were; sheep maintained good health and grew well over the trial; the statuses
ted the mineral status of sheep grazing for 142 days on capeweed dominant pasture grown on soil amended with Alkaloam (at 20 t/ha). Sheep were also grazed on unamended pasture (controls). Blood samples taken during the experiment and tissue samples at t
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