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Title: Meat quality in beef cattle / by Brian McIntyre.
Author: McIntyre, Brian L. (Western Australian Dept. of Agriculture, Perth. Cattle Industries Branch)
Series: Bulletin (Western Australia. Dept. of Agriculture), ; no. 4270.
Description: 20 p. : ill. ; 30 cm.
Subject: Beef. ; Exports. ; Consumer preferences. ; Meat quality.
Notes: 6 tables, 9 figures.
Type: Journal
Abstract: (En)
Meat quality covers a wide range of visual and sensory characteristics, of which the most important is tenderness. Post-slaughter treatments of the carcase, which determine the degree of cold toughening and the amount of ageing, have the biggest influence on tenderness. These factors are not controlled by the beef producer. Factors that are controlled by the beef producer, such as breed, nutritional history, age and fatness, have only a small effect on tenderness. Producers can assist in the prevention of
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